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The entire literary work of Narayan Sitaram Phadke is now being compiled. This project has been undertaken by Naasi Phadke Foundation.Till date 14 volumes comprising of about 12000 pages have been published.

The first set of 4 volumes comprising of about 3000 pages was published on October 22,2006.This set includes all the short stories written by Naasi Phadke(278 short stories) and the treatise Laghukatha Lekhan :Mantra ani  Tantra(Short Story Writing:Art and Craft).This set has been priced @IRS.3000.00.

The second set of 10 volumes was published on August 4,2010.It includes thesis on Logic,Psychology,Travelogues,Essays,Short Essays,Memorable Speeches,Biographies,Plays,Critiques on a wide range of subjects,treatise on Art of Fiction and Autobiographical Writings. This set comprises of about 9000 pages and has been priced @IRS.10000.00

These volumes of extremely valuable and useful for research oriented work in respect of Marathi Literature and Marathi Language as well.Hence it is a must for Libraries.

The Libraries are offered a discount of 40% which means the entire set of 14 volumes is offered for IRS.7800.00























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