Naasi Phadke Sabhagruha

N S Phadke Hall

                                           42,Vijayanagar colony Pune 411 030(Maharashtra State,India) 

                                              Tel. 020 24324819- 020 24321725 

                                           e mail:

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                                                     First floor Hall:


                                                    capacity:150-200 persons.



                       Rent:Rs.2100.00 for 3 Hrs.Rs.700.00 for every subsequent hour.


                                              Air conditioned Hall:


                                                          Capacity:75 persons



                       Rent : Rs.2100.00 for 3 hrs.Rs. 700.00 per every subsequent hour.



                     Separate generator back up available for both the halls. No back  up


                     for  air conditioners.             


                                             Generator charges:Rs.350.00 per hour.



                                                      For bookings contact     ;





                                           Vijay Phadke     :  Mobile:7875610240


                                           Vikram Phadke: Mobile:9881099868

























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