Phadke's position on Literature  

In every language, literateurs of the first rank , from the quality, quantity and variety point of view can be counted on one's finger tips. In so far as Marathi is concerned Padmabhushan Prof. Narayan Sitaram Phadke at once tops the list, not only among his contemporaries but even his predecessors and successors alike, even today. He is outstanding as a critic, appraiser- writer of multifaceted branches of Marathi writings and its scientific fundamentals cum basis and in that sense he is simply incomparable  and second to none, a verdict of the common, the connoisseur and his competitors, too. Phadke's first pronouncement of his literary position came in 1932, in "Pratibha-Sadhan". It outlines his views on the psychology of creative writing, defends creative writing against allegations, and explains its role in clear, ringing tones. He explains the goal of creative writing as:

"Any object or subject that is touched by literary genius attains divinity.

And the person when concerns himself with such activity achieves bliss

            is the goal..... "

Phadke wrote often and profusely of the goal of literature and its functions. He has explained himself in various ways. And he used neologisms to advantage. In his 1962 book 'Aisee Akshare Rasike' he writes:

"The verse-play must afford the viewer a sub-time experience. True creative writing adds to the life-experience"

Phadke's journey has taken him from hedonism to experiential richness. Any subtle changes in his position have found their way in his work, as is clear from the body of work he has left behind. A study of these clearly brings out his position.