The Essayist  Phadke 



When, in 1936, 'Ratnakar' magazine started publishing Phadke's "Guja-goshti" series, his essays quickly stood out because of their singular characteristic. To readers used to reading heavy prose in Sanskrutised Marathi, replete with literary allocutions and references, Phadke’s essays, in their simplicity, ever austerity, signaled the birth of the short essay in Marathi literature.  

Phadke undoubtedly popularized the short essay genre in Marathi. "Guja-goshti" the series of straight-forward, simple writings appealed to readers. Using the flexibility of the language, these essays spoke of life's truths in a direct and appealing way, almost as if the author chatted with his readers, and the readers warmed to both the thematic content and the literary style.

Thus, the titles of "Father of the short essay" or "The greatest essayist of Marathi" came to Phadke easily: on account of his topical, interesting style. He will be known as a novelist, critic, story-teller; but the author who gave us "Guja-goshti", like the purest gold, does not fear falling out of favour. He has adorned Marathi literature with a pendant of which we all can be justifiably proud.