The epoch-making Phadke

Phadke's first contribution to Marathi literature has been an awareness of principles laid down in aesthetics. He made it clear that good literature could not be created without being constantly aware of aesthetic principles. He made certain that these principles were never lost out of sight, he enunciated the principles of "re-experience" and "new experience", and since no-one else has written so much criticism as Phadke has, he definitely stands out as being epoch-making.



Phadke brought to Marathi literature unforgettable creativity. The language, touched by his pen, became more stylish, more pliable. He made it twist and turn at will: its flexibility assured that it would bend at will but never break. It changed colour in keeping with his thought. It could be light-hearted or serious. It could trip along or become appropriately dense and slow. Such is the pride all generations can take in his contribution.


Phadke's view of life experience as evinced in his writing shows more positive views than negative ones. He has shown that living life, with all its struggles and travails, is to be sought --- and lived with joy. For all the adversities and problems which seem to be insurmountable, true happiness lies in living life. And this optimism is clear in the work of this great artist.


He is also credited with giving the genre "short essay" to Marathi literature. He created the critical tools for the form. He will be forever known as one who left his mark on literature, by creating a tradition, fostering optimism as a life principle, maintaining aesthetic values, and being responsible for a treasure chest of works.