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Narayan Sitaram Phadke- lovingly referred to as Naasi by his ardent fans,ruled thekingdom of Marathi Literature for more than fifty long years. He will perhaps be remembered as –not one of the most,but the most versatile author ever to stalk the kingdom of Marathi  literature. His range  was truly  amazing and the  way he successfully handled all forms of literature  is really astounding.                                        

During his long reign he penned 74 novels and though all the novels have that great ‘Naasi Touch’-some of them like Doulat, Akherache Band, Pravasi and the triology-Shonan, Asman and Toofan- on the  armed struggle for freedom launched by the Great Subhashchandra Bose from the Far East really stand out and are the milestones in the world of Marathi Novels.

His contributions to other forms of Marathi literature have been analysed in the relevant sections of this site, but the fact remains that he was truly pleased to be referred to as a connoisseur of arts. His love for music, fine arts, and sports-cricket in particular- is well known and his intense desire to share his views and experiences in these have led to the creation of some of the unforgettable pieces of Marathi Literature.  

We have made a humble attempt to pay tributes to this great author by creating this site. The visitors will realize that to do justice to all his works is really an awesome job. We have only made a beginning and will be continuously making additions to make the site as comprehensive as possible.

          This site is dedicated to the Late Kamala Phadke-wife of Naasi Phadke- a novelist and short story writer of the highest class in her own right.                                                                  





















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