This award comprising of a cash prize of Rs.6000.00 and a memento was  instituted in 1994- the birth centenary year of Narayan Sitaram Phadke. The award is given away every year on the 4th of August- the day of birth of Narayan Sitaram Phadke – remembered by all the Marathi  speaking people as Naasiphadke.


The  recipients of the award have so far been


       1995     Mrs.Anuradha Vaidya                        Madhyam

       1996      Anant Samant                                    Trimakasi Madame                                                    

       1997     Sanjay Joshi                                         Nachiketache  Upakhyan

NaasiPhadke Award


       1999     Mrs Asha Kardale                                Videsh              

       2000     Parashuram  Deshpande                    Betveteel Pratibimbe 

       2001      Bharat Sasane                                     Dur Tethe, Dur Tenva

       2002      Vilasdatta Raut                                   Chaukhoor

       2003      Dr. Pratima Ingole                               Part Time                                      

       2004     Vasant Narhar Phene                          Vishwabhare  Bolwile 

       2005      Rajendra Banhatti                                Mee Pan Maze

       2006      Anant Manohar                                   Jeyeshtha

       2007       Shahaji Balwant                                 Maan Maati

       2008       Chandrakant Gawas                           Idwaas




       2012       Kaka Vidhate                                      Santaji

       2013      Baba Bhand                                        Shrimant Sayajirao Gaiwad

       2014      Anagha Keskar                                   Ushshapeet

       2015       Ravindra Shobhane                            Ashwamedh

       2016       Bhimrao Waghchaure                          Nave Kaatwan

       2017       Priyanka Karnik                                   Saawlya

Every year an appeal is made to the publisher’s of Marathi Novels to send their publications for consideration  for the award and the best among the entries receives the award. In 1998 the award was not given as none of the entries were found worthy of the award. 






Mr. Sanjay Joshi


Sanjay Bhaskar Joshi, the author of ‘Nachiketache Upakhyaan’ is a writer by hobby and a successful executive in corporate world. Working as a General Manager in a multinational company, he has long experience of corporate world, which is all poured in his very first novel ‘Nachiketache Upakhyaan’.


This novel won various literary awards, including Best novel award by the Maharashtra State Government. With this very novel Sanjay Joshi has started his proposed sequal of four novels called ‘Upakhyaan Chaurang’, second and third novels in this ‘chaurang’ are already published in the name ‘Renuka Mrunaalchi Upakhyaane’. This Chaurang will be complete with the fourth novel ‘Achchyutche Upakhyaan’, soon to be published by Majestic Publication.


Sanjay Joshi is attempting to search for goal and interpretation of ‘Meaningful Life’ through this chaurang. Is it ‘materialism’ ? (Nachiket) or ‘pure love’ ? (renuka) or ‘Spirituality’ (Mrunaal) or what it is ? These are the basic questions, Sanjay Joshi is attempting. And all this through a fast moving plot of Nachiket’s  breakneck life in industrial world. Nachiketache Upakhyaan was unanimously praised by critics and readers at large, and deservingly won the prestigious ‘Naa. Si. Phadke’ award for best novel.